DARKFLASH Aigo GP 650 80 Plus Bronze Power Supply 650W

Product details of Aigo GP650 PC Power Supply 650W 80 Plus Bronze Power Supply for PC PWM 120mm Fan Silent ATX 12V PC PSU Supports Intel & AMD Desktop Gaming Case PSU
  • Model: GP650
  • Power supply size: 160mm*150mm*85mm
  • Power standard: ATX 12V
  • For CPU range: AMD, Intel
  • PFC type: Active PFC
  • Rated power: 650W
  • Maximum power: 850W
  • Efficiency: 80%
  • Input voltage: 160V-264V
  • + 3.3V output current 20A
  • + 5V output current 15A
  • + 12V1 output current 48A
  • – 12V output current 0.3A
  • + 5Vsb output current 2.5A
  • Supports wide voltage: Yes
  • Support temperature control PWM: Yes
  • Authentication: CB, CCC, FCC, class, B, CE
  • IDE interface: 2
  • SATA interface: 4
  • CPU interface: P4+4
  • Video card interface: (6PIN+2)*2

aigo GP650

GP650 performance introduction:

1.Rated 650W, suitable for high-end computer configuration,Conforms to the Intel ATX12V specification design, supports Intel, AMD complete series of dual core platform.

2.Using 120mm hydraulic fan, quiet and durable, high wind pressure and large air volume, intelligent temperature control function PWM, automatic adjustment of speed, energy saving and high efficiency.

3.Built in PFC, double magnetic ring magnetic amplifier circuit, high frequency low resistance filter capacitor, to ensure that the current is pure and stable output.

4.large capacity, support wide use, in the unstable voltage environment can still be used normally.Multi function protection circuit design, with overvoltage, overcurrent, overload, undervoltage, short-circuit, light protection functions.

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